Covid-19 Update: Kings Fitness & Leisure Closed until further notice

To all our valued community, our members & colleagues, your well-being is, and always will be our priority. Our doors may be closed for now, but rest assured, we will be back – stronger than ever. Our loyal members are at the heart of our business. We are living in extraordinary times and now, more than ever, the community’s well-being is at the forefront of our mind. Whilst the club is closed, Kings Fitness will take the following steps to help our members and the community through the situation we are faced with:

  • For customers who have a direct debit membership, we will not debit your account with any membership fees from the start of April. Your membership will remain paused and no further fees will be taken until Kings Fitness re-opens. You do not need to contact us; we will do this automatically. If you have a Swim Academy Membership, you will be guaranteed your session on your return. However, if you have already informed us of your cancellation, this will be processed but your place cannot be guaranteed when you wish to return.
  • For customers who have paid for their memberships annually. Your membership will be paused, and the renewal date will be pushed back for the length of time we are closed. Once again, there is no need to contact us, this will be done automatically.
  • For customers who pay as you go and those who have pre-paid for Birthday Parties. We will offer you a transfer to another session/date once we re-open. This applies to Fitness and Junior Activities classes and courses.
  • For various sports clubs that operates from Kings Fitness & Leisure, your bookings are paused, and upon our re-opening, your previous slot will be guaranteed. For those clubs that have pre-paid, your payment will be carried forward, once you are back up and running.
  • For the great services provided within Kings Fitness by external small businesses. Please contact them directly, this information can be sought from our website. These businesses include: Peak Performance Fitness, Rise Fitness, Body Jam, Lattetude Coffee Shop, Cheddar Snooker Club and Beauty by Kimberly.
  • For members of the community that still want to remain active! Check our social media page over the coming weeks. We have some exciting plans in line for you all! For those members of the community isolating, wanting someone to chat to. There will be members of staff on site periodically, please, please call us. If we are here, we are more than happy to chat to you!
  • For our amazing staff and instructors. We will offer you as much support as we can. We value you, your comradery and all the work you have done for us. Importantly, we value the work you will do for us in the future.

Thank you so much for all your good wishes over the last few days and weeks. To all our community, our members and teams in Cheddar and beyond, our thoughts and very best wishes are with you all.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

The Kings Fitness Management Team