Nutrition Hub

We are pleased to announce the opening of the ‘Nutrition Hub’ within the centre.

Nourish nutrition is run by Jo Ford, a qualified nutritional therapist. Jo is available to offer advice and support on a range of health issues from ensuring you are optimally fuelling your body, to helping you challenge eating habits that are not serving you.

Jo offers personalised meal plans tailored to what you enjoy eating, no fad diets or restrictions. Her aim is to help you make healthy and sustainable food choices for life, whilst understanding what your body needs to thrive.

The hub can offer various levels of support depending on your needs:-

An in-depth 60 minute consultation looking at your current symptoms and health concerns. This is designed to get to the root cause of any health conditions you may have, and address any nutrient deficiencies or imbalances to help the body return to optimal health. Along with your personalised plan Jo offers full support throughout.

For more complex cases packages are available, please visit for more information.

Alternatively if you are not experiencing any symptoms but wish to have your current dietary habits reviewed to ensure you are eating optimally, this is another option the hub can offer you so please drop Jo a message or pop in to the centre.

The hub is located just inside of the gym and will be open every first Wednesday of the month 1pm-6pm.