Virtual Classes - NOW AVAILABLE!

We’re adding over 80 extra classes a week to compliment our current ‘live’ classes. High cinematic quality & taught by the best of the best from Les Mills HQ in New Zealand. If you can’t ever make your favorite live class, you won’t miss out on your workout! From early doors until close every day, you’ll find a class to suit you. From Indoor Cycling programs such as – RPM, The Trip & Sprint, to Body Attack, Sh’Bam, Balance & Barre – to name a few. The Virtual schedule will evolve over time & get better and better.

Get involved & keep giving us your feedback. The timetable is for you, and over time will be designed by you!


BARRE - is a low-impact, ballet-inspired workout which combines graceful movements with high-rep body weight exercises. It is designed to strengthen postural muscles and allows you to feel focused throughout your day.

BODY ATTACK - is a high-energy, athletic workout focused on cardio fitness, muscle endurance and agility. It combines sports-inspired training like running, lunging, and jumping with body weight strength exercises.

BODY BALANCE: s the yoga-based class that will improve your mind, body, and overall wellbeing. With elements of Tai Chi, Pilates and yoga moves, you will strengthen your entire body, improve flexibility and reduce stress.

COMBAT:  is a high-energy martial art-inspired workout that fuels cardio fitness and strengthens your whole body. This non-contact class will improve your agility, speed, and release stress to leave you to feel amazing.

CORE: is an intense core workout for functional fitness. It’s scientifically designed to build strength, stability and endurance in the muscles that support your core, including the abs, glutes and back.

GRIT (CARDIO): is a scientifically-tested
workout that uses body weight exercises with a focus on speed. Develop anaerobic stamina and rapidly improve your cardiovascular fitness to get you fit – fast.

RPM: is an indoor cycling workout that will shift your cardio fitness to a higher gear. Find your rhythm in the music, set your own resistance level, and hit an endorphin high.

SH'BAM:  is the fun, insanely addictive way to learn new dance moves. Move with the squad to the latest tracks, while lifting your cardio, improve your coordination, and shaking off the stress of the day.

SPRINT: is a transformative high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, using an indoor bike to achieve fast results. It’s a short, intense style of training that pushes your physical and mental limits

THE TRIP: is an immersive cycling workout that will elevate your heart rate and sensory experience. You will be transported to the future of fitness through digitally-created worlds and take your motivation to the next level.


• Please switch off your phones during all classes

• Wear clothes/trainers that are appropriate for the class

• Water bottle (water refill stations are available throughout
the centre)

• No latecomers are allowed. This is for your own health & safety from
inadequate warm up and to minimise disruption to others

FITNESS ClassesSchedule

Timetables should be used as a guide only, subject to change without notice.


Timetables should be used as a guide only - subject to change without notice.