Exciting changes to the Swim Academy

On the 2nd November an email was sent to all Swim Academy parents detailing changes to the Learn to Swim Program from January 2022. Our Learn to Swim program (stages 1-10) and Rookie Lifeguard classes will increase from 46 weeks of the year to 50 weeks of the year, meaning that lessons run all year round (throughout August) apart from over the Christmas holidays. These extra four weeks of lessons will bring in continuity for the children and allow them to keep progressing with their swimming throughout the summer holidays, leading to greater overall progression. From 1st January the price of Swimming lessons (stages 1-10 and Rookie Lifeguard) will increase by £2 a month.

From January 2022 your child will receive a Kings Fitness & Leisure branded swimming hat to wear during their swimming lessons. Each stage will have a different colour hat for example stage 1 swimmers will wear red hats, stage 2 will wear orange hats. This makes your child’s swim more hygienic, improves swimming water clarity and reduces any drag through the water.

We hope that your child will benefit from the extra four weeks of lessons each year and enjoy the benefits of their new swimming hats!

Remember, you can track your child’s progress in their swimming lessons by logging into Home Portal – https://kingsfitness.leisurecloud.net/homeportal/login