Free Online Zoom Timetable: Connect

Starting 17th May 2021

We understand you may not be in a position to return to us at Kings Fitness
& Leisure. Throughout lockdown, we have all learnt that staying connected
with each other is crucial for our mental and physical wellbeing. At Kings
Fitness, this comes above anything else. Until you are ready to join the studio
classes, we are offering everyone the opportunity to stay fit and active, with
these free Fitness Classes. Simply click the links, and you will be taken straight to the class – entirely free of charge

Monday, Circuits at 18:00 with Alex

Via App:
Meeting ID: 997 3122 6993
Passcode: 448922

Tuesday, Legs Bums Tums at 09:30 with Ceri

Via App:
Meeting ID: 968 4132 0230
Passcode: 424213

Wednesday, Body Conditioning at 18:00 with Clive

Via App:
Meeting ID: 977 7554 2354
Passcode: 828632

Thursday, Body Conditioning at 09:30 with Jayne

Via App:
Meeting ID: 936 1500 8333
Passcode: 153770