Member update 04/01/2021


On New Year’s Eve, it was announced Sedgemoor would enter Tier 4 of the Coronavirus Tier system. This means all Leisure facilities must close. We are writing to inform you of the next steps we will be taking in alignment with this latest government guidance,


As you know, Kings Fitness is currently a member only facility. As we are sure you will understand, given the date we were told about the change of Tier, and our required closure, we were not able to halt the Direct Debit collection for the month of January 2021. Your membership amount will have been debited from your account today. Please do not feel aggrieved, we will suspend the direct debit collection for the month of February, if we are closed for the month. Alternatively, the collection amount will reflect the length of time we are closed. We will do this automatically, there is no need to contact us.

If you are an annual member, your membership will be paused, and the renewal date will once again be pushed back for the length of time we are closed. Again, there is no need to contact us as we will do this automatically. We will continue to communicate with you throughout, reacting to the changing situation, or a sudden announcement of reopening or a prolonged period of closure. Please feel assured, we will continue to put our members first.

Fitness Classes:

Once again, during this period of closure Kings Fitness will continue to bring our Gold members Online Fitness classes. Please visit our website and read the how to guide, letting you know how to get started with these online classes, with your favourite instructors. These classes are a gesture of goodwill to our members; and come at no extra cost.

Swimming Lessons, Gymnastics & Street Cheer:

If you have a Preschool, Swim Academy or Kingfishers Membership, you will be guaranteed your session on your return. However, if you have already informed us of your cancellation, or cancelled your direct debit, this will of course be processed, but your place cannot be guaranteed when you wish to return.

For all swim lessons, your scheduled session will carry on as normal, once we are open, as will pre-paid Gymnastic and Street Cheers sessions.

Club Hire:

For all clubs on the field, hall and astro turf; your bookings will also commence on your set day and time once we reopen.


If you would like to contact us, please do through the same channels of communication as before. We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry as quickly as we can. However, as you will understand, all staff will be furloughed or part furloughed during this period of uncertainty, and the speed of response might not be the same as normal.

For now, once again, stay safe

See you soon,

The Management Team