Pregnancy Yoga Classes at Kings in 2021

We are really pleased to be able to welcome Zen Muma Sam to Kings Fitness & Leisure. From January, Sam will be bringing Pregnancy Yoga to our Community, in our Brand New Studio 4!

The Classes start on Thursday January 7th at 20:00, and continue weekly on Thursday evenings at that time. Classes will need to be booked in 6 week blocks, and costs £60 for 6 classes. To book onto these classes, email, or find her on Facebook by clicking here!

Pregnancy Yoga is good for:

Pelvic girdle pain

Round-ligament pain

Pregnancy insomnia


Restless legs and cramps

Providing wellbeing, relaxation hormones: endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin to your self, and to your growing baby too. Particuarly needed at stressful times.

Staying calm and helping pregnancy anxiety

Getting baby into the optimum position for birth

Learning all about labour and how to help yourself

Active birth positions

Breathing techniques for a more pain-free birth

A fabulous and connective group for pregnant women as we bond together, in support of each other, as a group! We cannot wait to see you soon and start to build a supportive pregnancy community for cheddar and surrounding areas.