Kings Fitness: Tier 2. How does this effect the Club?

It was announced today that Kings Fitness & Leisure, part of Sedgemoor will be placed in Tier 2 of the revised Government Tier system.

The great news for us at Kings Fitness & Leisure, is that “Gyms and Leisure Centres are allowed to reopen across all tiers.” This enables our brilliant members to be able to commit to their Fitness regime from December and beyond, safe in the knowledge that our facility will remain open, even if we transition into Tier 3. In Fitness, creating consistent daily habits is half the battle, you can now do that at Kings!

The only area for our Industry that will be affected by a change in Tier, is our Fitness classes. Below, is a summary taken from the government website, and how we at Kings will manage our Fitness Classes at each Tier.

We are working behind the scenes, preparing for the realistic transition into Tier 3 at some point in the future – by preparing an Online Fitness Class Timetable if we need to use it (hopefully we do not)!