National Lockdown update. November 2020


We find ourselves, with the rest of our country, in a situation where we must all work together in the fight against Coronavirus. We are writing to inform you of the next steps we will be taking in alignment with the latest government guidance, where facilities like ours at Kings Fitness & Leisure have been instructed to close from Thursday 5th November; and reopen on Thursday 3rd December 2020.

Since 25th July 2020, when we reopened after the first Nationwide lockdown, we have made all the necessary changes to ensure we are compliant with government guidance. We have been proud to have a Leisure Club set up to maintain your safety and our staff’s safety. You have all shown us an incredible amount of support that has frankly humbled us all. Therefore, Kings Fitness will be business as usual up until 22:30 on Wednesday 4th November and will restart with the same timetables and activities on Thursday 3rd December at 06:00.


As you know, Kings Fitness is currently a member only facility. As we are sure you will understand, given the date we are writing to you, we cannot halt the Direct Debit collection of November. Your membership amount will have been debited from your account today. Please do not feel aggrieved, we will suspend the direct debit collection for the month of December, when we are expecting to be business as usual. Your membership will not be affected, and you will be able to access all of the facilities you would like to as normal. You do not need to contact us, we will do this automatically. However, please be aware, all terms and conditions of cancellations will still be in effect.

If you have a Preschool, Swim Academy or Kingfishers Membership, you will be guaranteed your session on your return. However, if you have already informed us of your cancellation, or cancelled your direct debit, this will of course be processed, but your place cannot be guaranteed when you wish to return.

For customers who have paid for their memberships annually. Your membership will be paused, and the renewal date will once again be pushed back for the length of time we are closed. Again, there is no need to contact us as we will do this automatically.

If for whatever reason we do not reopen due to longer restrictions, the management team will communicate with you all, acting as fairly as we have proven to do already.

Classes and Activities:

If you are booked in for any Fitness Classes between the dates we will be closed, these bookings will of course be cancelled. However, 2 weeks before the re-opening of Kings Fitness, you will be able to book into classes scheduled to restart on Thursday 3rd December.

For all swim lessons, your scheduled session will carry on as normal, once we are open.

For all clubs on the field, hall and astro turf; your bookings will also commence on your set day and time once we reopen.

Remember, business as usual up until we close, and the moment we can re-open. Please keep the hygiene standards high and follow the walkways around the site. Above all, stay safe, smile and we cannot wait to see you on Thursday 3rd December.

The Kings Team