Welcome back series!

Meet member, Dr Paul Seviour. In his own words, he tells us how he has found the last 4 months and how he is finding being back at Kings Fitness!

I returned to the gym on July 27 after 4 long months. For some of that time I came out of retirement to work on the NHS111 Covid Assessment Service, phoning patients from home, listening to their symptoms and anxieties and directing them on to other services where necessary.

 Lockdown for me was full of country walks and glorious bike rides on empty roads but I still missed my regular early morning gym visits and spin classes. Hearing that Kings was to open again brought initial relief and joy that I could get back to normal. Then followed some anxiety about safety. I had to remind myself that here in the Cheddar Valley we have been lucky compared with other places in the country in that there have been very few cases of Covid. Also remember that in the whole of the UK there have been about 300,000 swab positive cases in a population of about 66 million. It can be a devastating illness but the odds are in your favour.

 Reopening to members only, initially, meant that that there would be no visitors bringing the virus in. I also read on the website what Kings were doing to reduce the risk and I knew that I could trust them to get it right. When I returned on the 27th I felt safe and any anxieties quickly disappeared. In the gym I was able to keep my distance from others and ensure the equipment was clean. Likewise, in spin classes which at the moment are in the main hall with lots of space. No fan or aircon has been difficult during the recent tropical weather but I am pleased they are not there to blow any germs around.

If like me you are feeling anxious about returning, I suggest you pay a visit and see what efforts the staff have made to keep us safe. Remember that there is good evidence that poor outcomes in Covid are linked to being overweight and unfit. Let us all improve our physical and mental health and survival chances with regular exercise. I hope to see you there!

Dr Paul Seviour