New Tennis Courts

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2 New Tennis Courts

When: The Tennis Courts will be opening Saturday 29th June from 8.00am - 5.00pm.  They will be available at weekends ONLY through the month of July, this is due to other commitments on the Astro.  The courts will intially be available until September 2019.

Who: Only available to those individuals who have read, understood and signed a terms and conditions of using the astro turf. They must also have completed a booking form for that time and date. Gold, Silver, Student, Sports Academy & Junior members can play inclusive of their membership. All other individuals will be charged £3.30 (concession/juniors) or £3.80 (adults) for a 55 minute booking.

The Management reserve the right to refuse enrty to the Astro turf at any point if there is any signs of facility abuse. 

Where: On our brand new Astro Turf, we have 2 courts!

How: Complete the terms and conditions and booking form (link below), return back to reception and call to book the courts.


We all have a responsibility to preserve our fantastic new community facility. Please, respect the courts or risk losing the privalege of being able to play un supervised.


Tennis Courts Terms & Conditions

Tennis Court Booking Form