Daisy Birthing Active Antenatal Classes

Daisy Birthing is an all encompassing pregnancy class combining active birth and antenatal education alongside gentle and repetitive yoga based movement, breathing techniques and relaxation for mums to be.


Join other local mums-to-be to benefit from movements to ease pregnancy ailments, prepare your birthing muscles and encourage baby into optimum position for birth from 14 – 40 weeks.   

Have an ‘active antenatal’ education practicing movements, breathing and relaxation techniques so they are second nature on your baby’s birthing day. 

Learn about all the choices you have so you can prepare for the birth that is right for you.

Hear positive birth stories from Daisy mums who have been through class and make friends at the same time.

Leave class feeling relaxed, confident and ready!

Classes are suitable for many ailments, conditions e.g. PGP and birth plans, and will be adapted to suit.  They are also just as suitable for baby number one as they are for subsequent babies.  Perhaps you have hopes for a different type of labour for your next baby, or perhaps your first labour was calm, confident and in control but you would like to prepare for any situation.

Classes run in six week terms, lasting for 1hr30mins and are currently discounted locally to £67 (national RRP £72). 

Active Birth Couples Workshops are also available so that you can prepare for birth with your partner too, including learning further techniques such as labour massage. 

For next available course dates, further information and online bookings please visit:

What our mums have to say…  

Miranda, Cheddar – Second birth following complications in pregnancy

I took Karen's daisy birthing class when pregnant with my 2nd & it was great. I learnt so much I hadn't been aware of with my first birth.  I also had a few complications with my pregnancy & Karen was brilliant, answering questions & sending me information relating to my situation.
I highly recommend Daisy classes.

Gina, Wells – Vaginal birth after caesarean with first baby

I'm so pleased he got to come naturally and really felt like the breathing techniques helped me focus and I delivered without pain relief and felt an overwhelming sense of achievement.  I got the birth I'd always wanted. I felt confident and in control and it couldn't have gone better for me.

Jenna, Wells – Natural first birth

Daisy helped so much and your voice was a constant commentary! Thank you for all of your support, I couldn't have breathed him down without you! 

Join the fastest growing antenatal course in the UK and prepare for a confident birth. 

Karen Whitaker
Antenatal Educator
The Daisy Foundation Yatton, Cheddar & Chew Valley
07812 040 773